Dinesen Douglas 28mm In Italy



My name is Davide, and i'm from Italy (near Venice).
I'd like to floor my new house with the amazing floor Diensen Douglas 28 mm (www.dinesen.de), and since i'm not able to find here in Italy, someone that experienced with this kind of floor, i want to ask you something:

1) Can i glue it directly to my screen coat (with Sika bound)?
2) Is Doulgas Floor compatible with floor heating?
3) Is Doulgas Floor stable, in other word is an enduring floor?

Please tell me about your experience with this kind of floor, in order to let me understand what kind of problem i could meet.

Thank in advance for your support.
(Write in german, i can understand it, i'm sorry but still not able to speak and write it)

Hello Davide,

i'm no expert to your subject, but what i've read here, it's no good idea to in any way glue wood in full surface, because even very good Material tends to move: If it's glued it can only move upward, what it will do after a while.

Maybe you should ask Thomas W. Böhme, he's done a few heated wooden floors, but he prefers a wooden under-construction.

Inside the house, 28mm Douglas should last longer than you....;-)

Greets, Boris


Haben Sie sich schon einmal die Webseite
angesehen ?


Thanks for the answers!!

Thank you for the answer!!

Yes of course, i already checked the technical material, and already contacted Dinesen.
But i wanted to understand if someone could share with me his experience with this kind of floor.
Since it's a massive wood, i have some concerns about the stability and compatibility with the heating floor.


ich würde massives Holz größerer Breiten nicht auf einen Heizestrich kleben.

Ein bewährtes Fußbodenheizungssystem, auch bei Massivholz, ist der Trockenaufbau mit Wärmeleitblechen von www.ripal.de. Dafür brauchen Sie freilich zusätzliche Aufbauhöhe. Ist Ihr Heizestrich schon fertig?

Douglasie ist ein strapazierfähiges Holz. Für Küche/Bad/Flur würde ich aber Eiche wählen.