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I am the author of several books, one of which earned 5 stars from Midwest Book Review and was recently compared to bestseller #9 on in the US, The Da Vinci Code.

I am, within the next few years, intent on producing a book about family experiences. It is intended to be warm in tone, and I may require a picture of a Cloppenburg building in my book, and am thinking about using the kind of picture that you provide in

In exchange for your giving me the permission to use the photo if need be, I will give due credit to you/your association as you would like it written.

If you grant me permission, I would be most grateful.


Lisa Ann Bargeman
Author of The Egyptian Origin of Christianity
"This book should be a welcome addition to the TO DO list of all (not yet satisfied) avid readers of the now famous 'The Da Vinci Code.'"
- The Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities


Hi Lisa,

Please contact Detlef Rohnstein; eMail:

Best regards



Ich dachte immer The Da Vinci Code sei von Dan Brown....


was recently compared to

Ihr Buch wird also mit dem von Dan Brown verglichen. Was wir "mit fremden Federn schmücken" titulieren, gilt anderswo als Ritterschlag ... . Andererseits, würde ich ein Buch schreiben, und es würde jemand so einen Vergleich ziehen, wäre ich auch froh darüber (oder auch stolz darauf).

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