Die Lehmsteine - reparieren oder ersetzen

23.01.2022 Eli

Die Lehmsteine - reparieren oder ersetzen

Die Steine im Sockelbereich weggebröselt sind. Sie können repariert werden und sind langlebig oder müssen ersetzt werden? Und wie?
(sorry for Deutsch :)

Replace clay bricks

Hi Eli,
i hope its easier for you to read in English.
It looks like the lower three rows clay bricks got wet from the underground. When clay becomes soft, it crumbles over time. That's why you need to build a horizontal moisture barrier into base of the wall.
Then you can replace the clay bricks with new ones and plaster the wall either with clay plaster or lime plaster. But it is better not to use lime-CEMENT plaster.



Thank you! That's what I wanted to know.
Now I have to learn how to make these bricks. As I see there are quite a lot people in Germany who still do that. As there are very few houses left like this, you will not find anybody in Latvia.


how to

You can find at Youtube a lot of movies explaining how to make the bricks if you search for "clay bricks" or "mud Bricks" or "adobe bricks".
For example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWBz9kl-hTA